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Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching up with myself

It would be hopeless to do a day by day of what goes on.

Made the trip to see my niece in Quincy- we, well I should say I had fun- we ate at Applebees, shopped Walmart- I was not impressed but bought her some green rainboots. Then visited Mount Wollaston Cemetery down the road from her- they have some very impressive veteran memorials- too big to take in in one day.The ride wasn't too bad- used Jer's Tom Tom and that was user friendly- got back before dark.

Then next road trip I took along my uncle's girlfriend for company we chatted non stop the entire ride. OMG I couldn't shut up- I should get out more often. We met my cousin at her new home and ate our packed lunches there and then proceeded to 2 cemeteries- Rurral for plot plans and photos and dog walk and then Oak Grove to see Dot and spread some of Mom's ashes there.. took another 100+ pix and the ride home wasn't too bad.
Next trip I am trying to organize is to Attleboro- Central falls and Pawtucket- the weather has become a problem cause I do NOT want to travel on the highway when the pavement is wet- well all it has done for 5 days is rain and snow good luck there.
that's all for now-