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Thursday, January 30, 2014

I love apples

Remember when there were 3 types of apples: Delicious, Mac, Golden delicious and maybe we can throw in Granny Smith apples. The along came Cortland which was like a Mac but harder. Now we have another dozen or so varieties Gaias are okay...Fujis etc


I was going to rant about how things , apples in this case, are not the same.While that is true, my reasoning is wrong because I read the bag incorrectly . I thought it said MacIntosh apples. I just checked the bag and it says Macoun.

Put them at the top of the list of ones I do not like with a vengeance LOL, right up there with home grown crab apples and Granny Smith. I admire the fortitude with which people eat Granny Smith they are Chuck Norris with taste buds.

So I have struggled all week eating these things thinking it was ME. Finally decided to stop suffering and just slice them and saute them in cinnamon and Olivio. They are still tough.

All I can say is they could be the best apple for a pie- they will never fall apart and turn to sauce.

back to your regular programming.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wow I cannot believe I did absolutely no posts here in 2013.

Just lost all my passwords and book marks in firefox after a bogus update for IE.

Maybe I can do more here.

We will see.