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Friday, May 30, 2014

Re Batch soap

Well ventured into re batch soap, not a total failure but not what I expected.I will try one more time with a different brand.
Shea butter & castile.

Both same method
double boiler bring water to boil in lower pan.Place grated soap in top pan with lid.
melt slowly over very low heat add 2 tablespoons of water (should have used less) after it is the consistency of mashed potatoes add fragrance. Took 25-30 minutes to melt. 5 minutes of stirring off & on. and then plopping it into silicone soap moulds.
Took at least a week to cure.

so they turned out too rustic and lather great but when you get to the end of the bar of soap it turns very soft.

All in all I like melt & pour better- it is easier & milder but not that great of a lather.


  1. I'm thinking more and more I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and save up and get some shea butter. All the soaps I've made are liquid. I want to try making solid ones, though.

    1. for the rebatch type and they may have shea butter melt & pour. I cannot work with lye so have to do rebatch & melt & pour types.You can rebatch and add small amount of shea butter to enrich the soap- add too much and it would take a long time to cure.Good luck