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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cell Towers

This is so annoying that I have held off posting anything about it.

I have lived next to a cell tower for over 5 years. Aside from the usual noises in this industrial park area it also border the waste water management site where they process shit & piss basically.

Noise to the extreme all the time.

But the cell tower is another story. Noisy priming of their generator used to be during lunch every Thursday. I think it is 11:30am now . Improvement.

But they are forever leaving the gates open- so they blow open and shut with a bang all the time.

Most dangerous and annoying is the "skin" of the cell tower.It has never been completed after they added height to it. so you see a naked cell tower. One bad storm a few months ago I heard a loud bang. Went out to explore and here a 5 foot piece of the skin fell. It could have killed someone. I called the police. They put up crime scene tape and people showed up and looked at it. It is still not fixed.

Absolutely nothing I can do about it

but it frosts my ass.

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