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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cape Cod rail trail- Brewster section

I learned of a "tunnel" under route 6A using the bike path. The crowds were too much this Summer for me to investigate before today- or the weather interfered with overcast skies. Glad I found it by chance today. Perfect weather and children added to the charm. Walking down the hill to get to it I thought I might have trouble climbing it on the way back. It wasn't really that steep. ha ha ha.

Parking lot.

At the sign I began to hear noises like seagulls attaching a French Fry. A woman standing near the entrance apologized , that they were children. It was special!

Then I took a photo of the children- when I snapped the camera they were standing side by side- that's how quick they are LOL they were running.

walk back to car etc. There are many little dirt paths off to each side.

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