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Friday, September 19, 2014

Cape Train- Scenic ride

Okay I finally felt in the mood to take this 20 dollar ride.Left here at 10am got down there in plenty of time. Came out after buying a ticket and there were unsavory characters in a van next to me. I moved. Bought a newspaper (Barnstable Patriot) in case my ass was cold on the seats in the train. It was finally 11:15 locked the car hoping it was not going to be vandalized for 2 hours.

Clerk said all seats were forward facing. Mine wasn't. Return trip we could change seats because people got off for the cruise. I switched sides but still not forward facing but a different view. I could have done without the commentary. No disrespect meant- just too much noise.

Really tough taking pix through train windows but I wanted evidence that I did this.A train- section L1 seat 79

The trains

The people

The seat

some scenery- disappointing to not see any mayhem amid the rubble

water and greenery

The bridge

The boats- Dolphin IX a whale sightseeing boat and the Viking a canal cruise boat.

more scenery- graffiti - trains- water.

coming off the ride.

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