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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hair Trains Tattoos

I won a gift card to Beyond Beauty in Hyannis last Winter. Finally decided it was time to get a trim- couldn't even remember what year the last hair cut was. Being pretty much low maintenance and no fuss type of person, not even combing my hair most days- just pull it back. Got there too early, so decided to walk around the area and maybe check out the railroad station. Walked in one building and I guess that was all buses.Got a coughing attack as I walked away from that desk. ho hum drag out a cough drop. Meandered back to the hair salon and sat in the waiting room. Finally was retrieved by the stylist Monica. Took almost an hour to trim 1-1/2 inches off the mane. Blow dry style which I never do! Looked pretty sleek. After a half hour into the process I was feeling so relaxed I almost nodded off. Then after 40 minutes became fidgety. oh well,she was so nice and chatty. From Bulgaria around 30 years old maybe. Here with her entire family.

waiting area. They offer you beverages etc. Nothing for me I had my water with me.

long view and close up of finished product.

will never look that smooth by my hand.

Then I got in the car and went over to the rail station. Asked a bunch of questions, immediately forgot the answers. But after more phone calls it is basically 30 dollars first class- sitting at a table for four versus two by twos in coach. Parking is 5 bucks at the food mart. 2 hour ride along cranberry bogs marshes and along the canal. I wanted to go over the railroad bridge but that is more expensive and at night. Hope to do this before October.


So after that time to drive down Main street in search of tattoos. Parked behind the 500 block and walked out to find Spilt Milk tattoo. Not overly friendly but hey. Asked prices etc. Looked for Black Pearl, found it wasn't open until noon. So headed back to car, catching hat every 5 minutes in the winds.

Black Pearl, Egg & I worn-faded sign and a bird sculpture.


Next day Saturday I was bound and determined to get a freaking tattoo. Called both places in Provincetown and they had no openings until 4pm. I was really disappointed- wanted to go up there on such a gorgeous day and get some ink. so then I called around in Hyannis. No answer at Great Island and I wasn't about to go to Spilt Milk. Called Black Pearl, they were friendly and said come on in for something small. Neff was the artist, nice guy, didn't hurt. It seems to be more of a female oriented place. Children out front playing with pet turtles and the older child helping out.First he wipes down my arm with alcohol then swipes with deoderant and then presses the transfer with the tat drawing on it. removes the transfer and the image remains on my arm. After it was all done he wrapped it with Saran wrap like a hoagie and told me to wash it with Dial Soap and moisturize with A&D ointment. Oh boy did that aroma bring back memories of diaper changes when babysitting. And the Dial soap is refreshing but very drying for my skin. I had to buy an 8 pack of Dial soap! Will likely give away the rest.

The arm before.


and a lurid selfie, bare boobs edited out, of my sleek hairdo LOL

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