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Friday, December 26, 2014

Iyanough's gravesite in Cummaquid

I have known of the gravesite for years. BUT was always aware it was quite a hike from the road sign on route 6A. So waiting for weather to be decent and energy levels to be there,and a parking spot close by.

Well today I figured was perfect- the skies were blue, the air was warmish for December and I would guess the wild overgrowth had died back. I should have worn orange, but was lucky this time for someone last week shot a cocker spaniel .

So I headed down rt 6A and took a left onto Rue Michelle. Haven't been down that road in over 6 years. Went to the end and turned around and parked off the road . Walked across 6A took pix of the sign and surrounding houses.

Please excuse my freaking shadow like a photo bomb!

so I trudged forward. We have had rain for a solid month- good thing I had on my Timberlands for it was wet,muddy,marshy,slippery and down right dangerous underfoot. Fallen trees to dodge and climb over and plenty of thicket to poke out an eye or two. Had on glasses! I was beginning to think it was a wild goose chase until I saw the stone after 10 minutes of winding path

^^^ that is the gravesite from afar.

ghosts :)

The return- thank goodness there were no forks in the path to choose from! Looked totally different on the way back. Climbing over a fallen tree my jeans caught onto a branch that was sticking up- try to release that sometime while straddling a downed tree!

This time I went alone- it would have been so much fun with a child or a willing adult.

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