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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In Memory of Jason William Zatlin

I didn't know Jason, except in passing, I believe here picking up supplies for his work as a painter.
He died November 5th and his memorial service was in December. I was able to attend and hug his mother Deb. So sad and heartbreaking to feel her tremble with sorrow.

Two or three times a year I try to gather the items I have knit and donate them for a cause or a need locally. When it was mentioned in Jason's obituary to make donations to the Family Pantry in Harwich I thought- what better way.

I am donating the first pair of seamless leg warmers I have made. They were fun and seemed to take forever. But I loved the challenge, there were no instructions other than using double pointed needles. Those are awkward sitting down- impossible to Knit & Walk and use them.
Trying to take the photos a bit puzzling- the colors just do not show up no matter what the lighting. The confetti hat shines though LOL

Leg warmers: cast on 50 stitches onto # 7 - 16 inch needles. Attach and knit in the round to desired length. First row  K5 P5 repeat each round for one inch or more. then just knit each row until the end. The ribbed end measures 13 inches the bottom end measures 12 inches. they ended up being 24 inches long.

Yellow helix- neck warmer hat-

Green Helix hat

Confetti hat-

multi colored child's hat

Purple chunky button adjustable neck warmer

Jade green shawl chunky knit-

Orange top neck warmer hat-

Black helix hat neck warmer-

hey that's it- and my terrariums are still living LOL

The hats neck warmers looked stupid laid out flat- so took pix this morning of how they would look with a head involved- but without the head. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Almost forgot Sandy Neck adventure!

Long road getting there from 6A- I thought maybe I took a wrong turn and was headed to Boston.
Once in the parking lot it is a trudge through sand, not for those with balance issues! But a lovely unobstructed view of water as far as your eye can see. Very rocky-stony beach oh my! As you enter the way to the beach there are little inspirational stones placed on the descriptive plaque. Nice little gesture/ idea. Though I will admit to the temptation to grab a stone and write "fuck you" on it just for the heck of it. ha ha

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Taylor - Bray Farm Holiday Festival

Not all that festive- but enjoyed the animals and the walk out on the boardwalk brrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!

the above was a barking contest with wagging tails- a white lab and a Wheaton terrier.

Scottish Cattle video

Cold walk on the boardwalk