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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow busy ness

Cabin fever blues- the crap you do when trapped inside.
Well take pix for one- pointless with poor lighting but it documents how cold it is!
Kitchen door inside and storm door display of ICE

I hope the sun that is out today will defrost the door handle.


Made some cookies that only I would like- why I didn't take pix of them baked? who knows.
recipe modified from Laurel's Kitchen- no eggs no dairy no nuts.


a peek out the kitchen door yesterday when it would open a few inches.


Today's peek out front -trash barrel on side- thrills.I love firefox- I just closed this tab accidentally and got it back! phew.

sewed a hat together. One I have labored over with small needles and wool yarn, it fits - hey I am happy.


so now to the "necessity is the mother of..." part of my life. I do not own digital scales nor bathroom scales and do not want either in the apartment. I bet they card you to by digital these days with majority of the users being drug dealers. ha ha ha. So I usually buy a skein of yarn and roll it into 2 balls for 2 projects. I can eye ball it pretty well see this photo of what was left over with the leg warmers. on left a kite tail left- on right a small ball leftover. So yesterday I had plenty of time to be obsessive about a new skein and spent most of the day visualizing ways to weigh the yarn without a scale.

weighing without a scale. Laugh if you will-I burned a few brain cells with this solution. LOL

a coat hanger two plastic bags and hang the sucker until it hangs evenly.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Signs- everywhere there's signs. Think Tesla

Highland Light signs first off... The arrow in the last photo for Highland Light was a bit confusing to me- it seemed to be pointing to something in the distance. But it meant that Truro Historical was right around the corner

Makes you wonder how many skeletons would be found at the base of the cliffs if there were no signs.

Marconi signs


Truro Air Force Base- now an air traffic control center- so says the ominous sign.


signs at a cemetery in Wellfleet

Truro Air Force Base

I can remember flying over this (as a sightseeing passenger)in the mid 80s and being awed by what appeared to be gigantic golf balls down there. I was told they were radar. Cold war and all. Today I felt like I was transported to another world. The placed looked totally abandoned. More signs and displays and murals. Almost creepy. I could see Jenny Lind Tower down a path. Too cold to explore and to be truthful I was a bit afraid to do that alone. BUT it was the most fascinating part of the day. I so wanted to walk up and look in windows of the abandoned buildings.
and yes there will be too many images of what I am told is a global position device antenna or something like that- looked like modern art to me.