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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Anthony Thacher

Today canceled a trip to Bourne to the Market Basket because of black ice and general crappy weather. On my way to Hyannis to drop off a knit hat and replenish my supply of dark chocolate I turned down Church Street in Yarmouth Port. Anthony Thacher's memorial stone is down there. Pretty sure ticks and overgrowth would not be a problem with this weather. It was a nice hike back there- not as long as Iyanough site but close.
After seeing the signs I wonder just how UPS, the postal service, Comcast and Verizon handle the lack of a turn around. I guess I was technically trespassing , but I believe all graves especially those that are historical and ancient are supposed to have clear access.

oh well that's done LOL

signs signs everywhere there's signs...

a nice holly bush along the well beaten path

the hike back

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