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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Birthday day trip- January 20th 2015

Well I set out to find Sandwich board walk that was destroyed in a storm a few years ago and rebuilt. There are names on some of the planks. Also wanted to find and tackle Animal Inn pet cemetery and Attaquin cemetery.Well my Tom Tom gps crapped out early on and the hand written driving instructions took me towards the boardwalk but I recognized the road as one I got lost on in 2009-2010. So I didn't do the board walk and I didn't get the coffee I promised myself.
But I did go to find rt 130 south. On the way there saw some grand old buildings!

Sandwich Town Cemetery, Animal Inn, Attaquin was elusive- I had someone on my tail most of the length of rt 130. After that I headed to Hyannis to grab some stuff quickly in Shaw's then I decided to head up to Nauset lighthouse. I hadn't been there since the Mother's Day storm in I think 2007. I had Mom with me in the car then,

All in all it was a gorgeous day a bit cold and of course windy.

ha ha ha- I just noticed that what I thought said JAMES street yesterday was Jarves!

Belfry Inn & Bistro among others


too difficult to edit out a photo- so here's another

then you proceed on Jarves to a cluster of choices and hope you take the right turn. It "looked" like Bay View cemetery would be to my right so I went left. The road quickly becomes more industrialized and I finally see the turn for Sandwich Town Cemetery which is a dark blue quarter board with faded letters. I took a chance. Walking around there was a tad chilly, actually felt cold to the bones.But I took some pix. A lot of young lives lost in this cemetery.
Sandwich Town Cemetery


Animal Inn pet cemetery
there must be at least 300 foot stones marking the loss of a beloved pet. There was actually a Dorian Gray- though my fella spelled it Grey. I will have to go back at least one more time to finish this project.

so then I guess I zoomed on by Attaquin, which is supposed to be across from Ashumet road. I hope I remember precisely what the buildings look like next time.

So headed back to South Chatham via rt 28 and decided to do Nauset light. Not sure what Thoreau was in such a snit about but hey the spot is beautiful.


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