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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hats for the needy-AC Moore- 2014-2015

AC Moore, a craft store in Hyannis, had a special on yarn- 1.99 a skein in November December 2014.Lots of multi- colors and plain soft yarns. Each skein basically would make a hat. The object was to buy the yarn and make things for underprivileged children. The donations were to be left in a box there to be distributed. I made 2 hats and a headband. I saw others had made sweaters etc. I am not that level of knitter by any stretch!. I am working on one more hat- called a lunch sack hat. It can also be used as a neck warmer. You pull it on your head and tie it at the top to resemble a lunch sack . I like them and they are easy but take a while knit on smaller circular needles.

second hat (cannot find pix for the first LOL)

ah found the first hat which was purple type colors

white one I am working on-finished 1-12-2015

#8 24 inch bamboo needles. 72 stitches knit in the round to at least 12 inch length. worn as neck warmer or tied at the top like a lunch sack.

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  1. These hats are so cheery and whimsical. Just the right thing to don on a frosty winter day.