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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Yarns & marketing

I did a bit of research the other day. Driving around to different stores checking the prices of Red Heart skeins of yarn. I didn't know until a few days ago that there were different weights in the skeins. I just wasn't paying attention. I bought the color I liked and that was it. I roll a skein into two separate balls. I noticed recently that a yellow pair of balls were much larger than the stripe/multi colored ones.I emailed Red Heart and got the answer that the plain were wound in 7 ounces and the others were 5 ounces. okay. Then I was curious about the prices.
Super Saver is what they are called
AC Moore reg 2.99 is on sale 2.39
Ben Franklin in Chatham 4.99
Jo Ann Fabrics no longer has the selection
looked up WalMart- 2.89
Michaels - 3.19

I am wondering if there are different qualities for the same yarn in different stores. The selection in Ben Franklin looked more vibrant.

Aside from all that I am forever looking for a bargain. The small skeins of yarn that AC Moore sold for making knitwear to benefit the needy was soft and came in great colors.
Their bargain bin a few days ago had this red yarn with metallic threads through it for a dollar. I bought one skein and experimented with stitches for a scarf and the needles were too big and it became hard to knit.So I switched to making a rolled brim hat on size 6 or 7 circular needles . Looks like it will take 2 skeins. Much easier to knit.
BUT the label has me perplexed. Cynic that I am I am wondering if there really is a Nicole, does she really live and create in New Jersey. It is made in China. ha ha ha.

Ben Franklin 4.99 a skein

AC Moore 2.99 sale 2.39 (March 2015)

Jo Ann Fabrics- the only Red Heart they have.

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