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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Providence Rhode Island April 2015-unfocused

Purpose of the trip was to finally meet a cousin named Joan. Also to find the house where my mother was born and scattered a small amount of ashes.

Left here at 9am and took the bus to Providence and got back here at 8:22pm. A long day for me but full of surprises and a lot of fun and laughs.

My Nikon camera I used in the bus and some shots from Paula's car to test its capabilities. It no longer has any controls- just turn it on and shoot. I think the colors and contrasts are still better with the Nikon than the Canon (but the Canon is fine for gravestones) but these are taken through the bus windows . Real high quality >sarcasm<. Hyannis terminal always in a state of repair.

I get on the bus and discover a cough behind me so decision- move back or to the side- no choice but across the aisle. I plunk myself down. The bus fills up and I look to the seat to my left and it has toe nail clippings on it. LOL. Good start.

Some interesting view from the bus. Also I wonder if all bus drivers, those who have hair, part their hair on the left side of their head? Just an idle observation.
I thought of Chernobyl when I saw those stacks!

I see forsythia I totally forgot I captured.


another road trip calls.

Two foreign speaking chicks were on the bus, long legged blonds, hair up looking very "perfect"

Spooky cloud/sun & Chernobyl again.oh and the traffic. A bus weaving in and out!

First bus no seat belts. Bus back to Hyannis had them but they were so stiff (probably from lack of use) I gave up after 5 miles of pent up torture.

Mom & Pop tattoos

Cityscapes along the way

a railroad bridge too far. :)

From Paula's car some cityscapes captured-

last of the blurs

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  1. You're a photo journalist at heart...great photos, Cynth...