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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wellfleet in search of...

Well it was a gorgeous day and I figured perfect weather for finding 2 cemeteries that have eluded me for over 5 years. First was French Catholic cemetery- the other was Chequessett Cemetery a spur of the moment thing on my way up to Wellfleet. Never found the French Catholic one in spite of my hand written instructions of getting there. Seems that with the telemarketer calls last night I was interrupted and they were incomplete. Oh well some other time. So as I was programming the Tom Tom for Chequessett Cemetery I was surprised at the pronunciation by the Tom Tom. I will have to look it up later.

So hey beautiful water views along the way that lose a lot in a photo. Trust me they were beautiful views.The buildings and homes there are unique and I always see something different each visit.

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