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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chinese Food-WalMart & gravestones

Variety is the spice right?

First stop was Dynasty Buffet a Chinese restaurant in Falmouth.
I tried to take pix of the ceiling lights. *fail*

The place was clean and a fine array of food. I had tea. My friend filled his plate twice and had their soft serve vanilla chocolate ice cream. The "sneeze guards" are laughingly high. But hey he is 6 foot 5 so probably had him in mind.

He seemed to be hinting that I should try their cut up fresh fruit. nope.

from there we went to WalMart

From there we headed toward the Saint Barnabas Church. Tom Tom had the point about a block before we got there- thank goodness I could see the stone structure from the distance.

The Church

The Chapel

The Memorial Garden

Our Beloved Pets

Attaquin Cemetery- this one was blocked by snow drifts the entire Winter of 2015

and someday figure out whose stone this is

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Railroad Bridge

well we missed the trash train by 10 minutes.


good grief signs everywhere- don'tdothisdothatkeepoutshutup.

the yellow sign in the distance says "Danger:Will Not Clear Man On Side Of Car"
wonder if a woman would fit?

The Bridge

see the flag!