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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chinese Food-WalMart & gravestones

Variety is the spice right?

First stop was Dynasty Buffet a Chinese restaurant in Falmouth.
I tried to take pix of the ceiling lights. *fail*

The place was clean and a fine array of food. I had tea. My friend filled his plate twice and had their soft serve vanilla chocolate ice cream. The "sneeze guards" are laughingly high. But hey he is 6 foot 5 so probably had him in mind.

He seemed to be hinting that I should try their cut up fresh fruit. nope.

from there we went to WalMart

From there we headed toward the Saint Barnabas Church. Tom Tom had the point about a block before we got there- thank goodness I could see the stone structure from the distance.

The Church

The Chapel

The Memorial Garden

Our Beloved Pets

Attaquin Cemetery- this one was blocked by snow drifts the entire Winter of 2015

and someday figure out whose stone this is

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