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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Searching for Ancient Boundary stone for Harwich/Chatham

Though I did not find it, I did make it back- no easy task with so many paths to choose from.

Started out at 10:16am and got back to car by 10:52am. Felt like it was noon- I was tired and hungry!

Familiar territory here with the horses- which I always smell before I see them . :)

Morton road popped up quickly. Notice the "I am not on your vacation" sticker. Sarcasm everywhere!

Never been on this side. Solar panels on house can be seen on google maps! 4 mile marker, and a body of water to my right.

Then I come upon what looks like the path to the power lines and the boundary marker! Lots of choices all looking the same. More pine needles, more fallen trees and branches.

Finally saw blue sky and power lines yay!

So I cross over and see more paths and look back and see two choices. Hope I remember which one. Though I suspect the all end up same place.

So thinking I must be in Brewster by now I turn around and surprise myself by finding the way back to the bike path. See fire hydrant way out here- I guess for brush fires. Reach Morton Road again...

and hear a vicious dog barking. In no shape to run so I just keep moving.

Saw a total of 4 people on this trek. Two female joggers, a woman walking her dog and talking on her cell phone, and a male jogger as I got back to the car.

Maybe some other day I will find the granite stone.

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