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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Herring River-West Harwich

I have tried many times to capture the red dory that bobs in the water most of the year. Finally got there with blue skies!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A trip to Bourne

First stop was Pairpoint Glass factory almost under the Sagamore Bridge. Pretty displays but what I noticed most was items that were 9.95 in the year 2000 are now 30 bucks!

I was in search of a few cemeteries found 3. Passed Old Bourne as we were leaving South Monument Cemetery- very much overgrown so maybe in the Winter.

Monument Neck Cemetery
an interesting under pass to get there. Cemeteries are easy to overlook unless you know to look for a stone wall.

Oakland Grove Cemetery was elusive yet again- on a corner, a curve with a lot of traffic.

The usual warning signs above.

As you enter one of the roads- on your left are a couple of rows of military stones- one from the Spanish
American War and a Civil War vet and World War one and Two.

Then there was this sad one- died from an embolism in the lungs

Brent Nightingale Ricci

Then these two. Historical records say no burials before 1866. The sign says established in 1906.

Well after some research these two died in 1851 and 1855
Ansel & Eveline Knight.

Now on to South Monument Cemetery.

well that took long enough. Here's South Monument

The gates, entrances, exits and scenery.

some interesting stones and monuments

Back says Stanley front says Bolles- all three are Bolles.