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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oscar Mayer wienermobile

Coming out of the food store yesterday what should I see but this!

Last one I saw years ago was faded and looked ready for the junk yard. This was pretty spiffy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brain-Memory and how things work

I started reading Riddle of the Sands on my Kindle the other night. I had added it a few months ago, when a friend told me he & his wife visited 6 of the 7 islands. I remembered seeing it back in the 80s, but did not remembered Michael York or Simon McCorkindale being in it. Found the video on youtube I will have to watch that someday just in case the book is too confusing. The bizarre thing is I can picture another video next to it in the video store where I worked. I was pretty anal about where things were placed and these two movies were usually side by side.I could NOT remember the title. I was pretty sure Donald Sutherland was in it and Kate somebody.

A few things to clear up in my memory- thought Riddle was about World War II- not.It is about the times before World War I and the Germans and espionage.

So I was watching a strange movie last night on DVD Miss Julia. A Swedish psychological drama re written and directed by Liv Ullmann . She has the setting in 1890 in Ireland! Basically it was about survival of the fittest- or naturalism drama . Taking place in familiar uncomplicated surroundings, with minimal props and just three characters. Well not to spoil the story but the two "lovers" are confronted by the religious character who is the "girlfriend" of the leading male. She is explaining the concept or something about who goes to heaven ( loose translation) and mentions "the eye of the needle" Light bulb! That was the name of the movie next to Riddle of the Sands.

note to self : always have paper and pencil next to you for notes at all times.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue Jean Quilt

August 5th 2015

So over the past few years like the rest of you I have worn out or out grown a pair of jeans. Tired of tossing them in the trash- they are not good for rags. Maybe potholders but just so many of those one can stuff in a drawer or hang on a hook.

So I cut them into approximate 8 inch squares a couple of years ago and lost interest. Ran across some scraps of colorful material the other day so will use that as backing.

Progress so far. I am losing interest again so this may take another 5 years.

I am marking each piece with 6 inch squares now so I know where to stitch by machine. And I have enough batting left over from a project from the 90s to stuff it LOL

August 8th 2015-measuring marking sewing. Wish I could set it up to stand and sew. This is tiresome and awkward!

August 9th 2015

Sewing merrily along and the spool of thread jumps. I know now that was a message from the machine that the bobbin was running low and the tension changed. LOL This is going to be one sorry ass project!
and when was thread 70 cents a spool! wow- that fell off when the spool jumped.

August 10th 2015

August 12th 2015

Finally finished the quilt. Of course not the original order/pattern I had planned. Pockets got in the way and well I am just not perfect.

outdoor light does it justice.

Cleaning up I found a spool of thread for 15 cents