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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue Jean Quilt

August 5th 2015

So over the past few years like the rest of you I have worn out or out grown a pair of jeans. Tired of tossing them in the trash- they are not good for rags. Maybe potholders but just so many of those one can stuff in a drawer or hang on a hook.

So I cut them into approximate 8 inch squares a couple of years ago and lost interest. Ran across some scraps of colorful material the other day so will use that as backing.

Progress so far. I am losing interest again so this may take another 5 years.

I am marking each piece with 6 inch squares now so I know where to stitch by machine. And I have enough batting left over from a project from the 90s to stuff it LOL

August 8th 2015-measuring marking sewing. Wish I could set it up to stand and sew. This is tiresome and awkward!

August 9th 2015

Sewing merrily along and the spool of thread jumps. I know now that was a message from the machine that the bobbin was running low and the tension changed. LOL This is going to be one sorry ass project!
and when was thread 70 cents a spool! wow- that fell off when the spool jumped.

August 10th 2015

August 12th 2015

Finally finished the quilt. Of course not the original order/pattern I had planned. Pockets got in the way and well I am just not perfect.

outdoor light does it justice.

Cleaning up I found a spool of thread for 15 cents


  1. Nice, great work! Can you make me one too? Please? :-)

    1. Just seeing your comment! LOL
      sure I can make you one! Using your materials of course- all out of mine!

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