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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chatham Scenic Flight

Received a gift certificate from my brother & his wife back in 2003. Life intervened . Full time job with a killer commute. Getting fired. Caring for Mom. Moving.
It was always in the back of my mind. I love to fly. Love the lift, the bumpiness the skewed view of the world. The curve of the Earth and so much water, lakes ponds streams make up Cape Cod. Oh and the expanse of the ocean. oh my.

I was encouraged, indirectly, by a friend who took a helicopter ride where he lives. I thought. Shit I have to do that ride. So after Jonathan's memorial service I walked over and inquired. Then on Monday after laundry I actually set the date and time for it. Progress.

The day of Jonathan's memorial the planes on display:

Funniest thing other than the migraine that struck halfway through the flight is: as I got out the gift certificate this morning I noticed for the very first time it had an expiration date 1-17-2004. oh crap well I was prepared for a let down. But they let me fly for that I am very happy and appreciative. They could have told me to use it as scrap paper and take a flying leap. LOL
The gift certificate

okay here we go- I only deleted 3 blurry shots. So bear with me.
The lounge

My pilot and the planes. Getting into the plane was something else. Good thing the camera was still in my fanny pack or I would have dropped it.

Was instructed to fasten the seat belt and shown the head set to wear so I could hear him and he could hear me. I felt for a brief moment like I worked at Old Navy with the headset and microphone. It was also fucking tight. LOL Me and my fat head.

The rest of these will be from the air. I am sure most will skim through these if that- but I need to chronicle this in my life. I will interrupt the "slide show" when something pertinent appears like Harding's Beach, North Beach or yes a cemetery from the air! I will have to figure out which one later.

The last two in the above set- hey I captured the propeller! LOL and the one after that to prove we were banking.

We went over Orleans and Brewster , Chatham Light, North Beach not in that order but...

These are the first glimpse of North Beach - the last shot how perfectly tropically blue the water is for a moment.

all those boats!!!!and these boats are at Nauset East Marine off Barley Neck Road

I think I see a golf course in these!

That last [2] shot is the cemetery! oh my! I just zoomed and checked and irony of ironies it is Seaside Cemetery where the family is buried. Especially Dad Chrystie who died on this day in 1982. How weird is that. And far to the right is where we had a coffee and donut shop in the early 1960s.

My pilot! and a bi plane as I am leaving blinded by a fucking migraine.So NOT funny! But so me.


  1. Love your photos, ride!

  2. Wonderful trip...made me more homesick..sorry for the migraine!

  3. Those are fantastic pics, thanks for sharing and hope your head is better!