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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Duct tape to the rescue

Only one place where I lived in all my 60 plus years was the kitchen counter designed properly in my opinion. Meaning ever so slightly tilted to the back. SO that any fluids that just happen to be on the counter do not drool off onto floor or drawers etc. The humped edge does nothing. Okay enough of my bitching. A couple of years ago to solve the warping this caused I applied contact paper to the front of the drawers. That started to look like shit after one year. I tried to removed it and good grief I vow to never use that crap again. What a pain in the neck. oh wait I said I would stop bitching. Well I lied. So in an attempt to use up paint the other day I thought gee that off white paint would match the fronts and the counter tops. That just made it worse and besides I finally ran out of paint. yay!

side note I need a full length mirror so maybe I do not leave here each day looking like a bag lady. So silly me I thought I would get mirrored tiles to apply to said drawer fronts and stand back from them and scrutinize my outfit. LOL nope. No where to be found. And do I really care what I look like ? nope

So brain storm they have patterned duct tape. That I can do.

It will not pass close scrutiny but looks fine from 10 feet away. :)

 I might note the Duck Tape says made by Duct tape in the USA but has China written all over it in reality and implied- threads everywhere. ugh

the above is where it got too much like wrapping Christmas gifts with edges and folds . I was ready to give up.

looks fine liked I said from 10 feet away!

The reward cocoa was delicious had some black coffee dregs at the bottom. weeeeeeeee!

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