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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Helix knitting

Never heard of this until I saw a couple of videos a  week or so ago. The first video was a tad complicated for this brain but the one posted by Planetpurl on youtube Taught by Beth Moriarty, author of Deep South Knitting- the method sunk in. Did a trial run using left over yarns. Didn't like the colors so ripped it out and decided to do it another way. The unlikable colors were black, red and blue. I think 4 colors work better and show more diversity. So those balls will be used with yellow yarn in a hat. And the black hat I had already started will have 3 variegated colors added in helix.

samples of the first try.

sample of the black with 3 variegated yarns.

Seems like I am full of myself lately! oh well that's what blogs are all about I guess.

Finished  more hex knit hats one black and one yellow rim/edge

I have caught myself naming it hex knitting. ugh HELIX.
This is the orange one I just completed They can be worn as a cowl or gathered at the top and a hat.

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