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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Peppermint wreath & dried hydrangeas

Have not been able to do peppermint wreath for a couple of years. The plant would either not thrive or would be destroyed by a surprise storm. Where I have it hanging has no direct sunlight so the camera, even with flash has problems. ho hum.

The gathering/harvesting on the 19th of September.
Then the twisting of the wreath. Would have been easier with 36"-40" vines but that only happened once! I let it stay out and dry on the deck for one day.
Brought it in next day to cure in the hallway which was 90 degrees still most days.
Then tied it with orange imported loopy yarn in 6 places and hung.

It should last 100 years- no direct sunlight.

Then clipped 3 hydrangea blossoms for drying. They are that purple green right now which will last through the Autumn season. Need it to dry thoroughly before placing in hanging basket next to the peppermint wreath.

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