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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Okay still had birthday money left from the past 40 or so years and wanted to do this. Seemed like something easy to get together. Nope.

Why I was fixated on buying the supplies at AC Moore I will never know. Got a round bowl there and already had a plate of glass for the top . I zip over to Country Gardens and buy 3 miniature plants, some soil, some charcoal oh and got the small rocks at AC Moore. I could have used the  pea stones in the area below but they have been peed on repeatedly so I thought better of that. Get all this home and realize the bowl is too small for three plants. Okay I will find 2 other containers. I will try Home Goods since I had to go to Shaw's in Hyannis anyhow. They had exactly what I was looking for to begin with. Kind of like an apothecary jar with a hinged lid with a gasket. Bought two for almost the same price I paid for the bowl in AC Moore. The line in there took forever. I had to get a carrier after all. I would have gotten a long mirror in there  had I seen one. oh well. Here goes beginning to end. They are now on my work table in the center- plenty of late afternoon sun. We will see how long they thrive. :)

more progress on the experiment. Added sand from various beaches on Cape Cod and added colorful stones in one and natural stones found around the Cape to the other two.

added stones for the lids later LOL. gettin' stoned here.

oh this is hysterical. Going through photos February 2017 and it looks like the only thing that survived was the fern. I have a miniature jade plant and an air plant now I will see if there are any photos to add.

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