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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hot Chocolate Sparrow-Fort Hill and yes Jenny Lind tower again!

Always great  to be with someone and do simple things and have a marvelous time.
First stop Hot Chocolate Sparrow. Had not been in there since 2008. Mom used to love her Hazelnut- me black decaf.

Pit stop before heading to Fort Hill. Brazen enough to use the "Mens Room", was in no mood to do the pee dance waiting for the ladies to open up. Took pix of course- and there was a disposal  box for feminine items. ha ha . Too many clothes on to give the urinal a shot.

On to Fort Hill and the new paint job at The Penniman House. The ocean- a panoramic view of blues and greens. We even walked down a steep path to the marshy shoreline. birds rocks etc.

Penniman House

Then on to Jenny Lind Tower. My friend had never been there. I clipped back brambles from the path. With a little encouragement- she got inside ahead of me. I managed to get my legs and ass over the high threshold and take pix and a video. I kept saying "I can't"  but I did. That used muscles I forgot I had LOL

The seascape views may look identical but each has its own special serenity.

oops almost forgot the photo of the floor of the tower!

Then to wind up the day after a pit stop here I headed to Yarmouth Port. On the way back here I went via Upper County Road. Swan River was magical! Had to stop. Even though it was getting dark

the moon reflecting as a tiny white speck- the moon in the sky and then the moon in a fractured ripple in the water.

link to video of the inside of the tower.

Jenny Lind Tower inside

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