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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jenny Lind part two

A friend and I met at Highland light. Made a pit stop at the club house for Highland Links. I asked the guy there if he knew about Jenny Lind Tower and how to get there. He knew about it but not how to get there!

Tower was part of the Fitchburg railroad station in Boston- moved in 1927

So we headed to the old Air Force Base and went down the road I thought would have an access path. It turned out to be more buildings and workers for NAC [ North Atlantic Coastal Laboratory]. A young guy with a clipboard was standing outside so I got out and asked him.  He knew about the tower but told me HE was told to say access is over private property and considered trespassing. I quipped " but it is part of the National Seashore!" He kind of smirked , nicely. I said I loved being told to NOT do something. LOL

So off we went back to the Air Force parking lot. Parked and walked to the road closest that said "FAA" . A good 1/4 mile walk uphill. The giant golf ball sounded alive either with birds or electricity or radioactive- who knows. Not a "friendly" atmosphere for sure.

Kept walking on the grass and saw the tower in the distance and then saw a narrow path through heavy thicket. We took the path and got to the tower. An  adventure for sure!

I highly recommend this to everyone!
That red white & blue sign may say No trespassing

Wind chimes?

that above is the narrow path through the thicket to get to the tower

inside the tower from the outside.

 the walk back to the cars

Cape Cast video about Jenny Lind

wiki explanation

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