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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pilgrim Monument

Headed up there Wednesday with the promise of free admission to the monument. I get there and the "free" part was only that night as they light up for the season. I made a bit of a fuss about it and got in for 6 bucks. I was not about to pay 12 bucks to get not even halfway up the monument and turn around. That's why I waited for free! Well enough of that it was a gorgeous day. I wanted to take a selfie at the monument to mimic the one taken of me in 1950. But being alone that  was sort of impossible so I took a  video instead.


selfie video at Pilgrim Monument

It is a bunch of slanted steep steps just to get to admissions. Then quite a steep climb to get to the monument itself. I got as far as the Eastham plaque inside. I judge I climbed 40 steps but really have no clue.
The trek to get there


^^^^^ the look down before I got too high up LOL

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