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Monday, November 9, 2015

Uncle Tim's Bridge AT LAST!

egads how many times I have driven by- no parking etc.

lovely walk out to what would be a sweet spot to eat a snack a lunch etc.

heading back as I was taking shaky videos the carillons from the church high on the hill began to play!

church in background

Signs for everything! - My favorite? the faded one.

will add link of walk out. The one of the carillons is still loading.

Uncle Tim's bridge the walk out

Returned on Friday the 13th- very high tide! But wanted to include photos of a gallery we pass along the way has many cat displays and the Masonic lodge across the street from the parking lot to see Uncle Tim's bridge looks somewhat like the house in Psycho. ha ha.

Masonic Lodge high on a hill

Berta Walker art gallery and lots of CATS!

and the high tide at Duck Creek!

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