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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Coastline Tattoos

Finally got up to Provincetown for my tattoos using a gift certificate from uncle Roger. Hey and I still have another hundred to go on it. LOL
 Gorgeous day the ride up was swift but there seemed to be a purple haze over Provincetown- I thought oh good grief I hope the air will not be filled with "controlled burn" smoke. But it was okay.
Free parking was full. Ended up at the one that usually charges but no one was around. I figured I would deal with that when I got back to the car- I had an appointment to hustle off to. No one was there except the receptionist. I leafed through many catalogs of photos . Saw quite a few I liked. Kris showed up and had to tend to a woman who got a tattoo elsewhere and was worried about how it looked.  He showed me the drawings he did and the wolf spider was too big but as I was sitting and waiting I saw a Hello Kitty one I really loved and asked him if he could do that without the fucking bow. LOL yup. Less than an hour and I was out of there, bandaged up with a meat soaking up pad. LOL
Weird coincidence - Kris lived and worked (2002-2006) on the street where my great great grandfather had a shop and where he died in Philadelphia We both chatted non stop. Fun times!

this photo Kris took- the other above it I took with my left hand- no easy task LOL

then the walk back to the car- a bit tipsy from so much sun in my eyes!

day is not complete without the roar of a motorcycle.

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  1. Cute designs, Cynth...great photos of P'town. Glad all went well!