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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Salt Pond in Eastham

Wow been over a month since I last posted. This time of year is not that great for walking sightseeing etc I will have to check if I posted about the Wing Trail earlier. Other than than I have been preoccupied with planning a trip to Philadelphia. Not an easy task.

Weather and skies here are usually grey this time of the year with small glimpses of blue- so not great for photos but a nice walk as long as there is no bitter wind!

I believe Salt Pond is part of the National Parks system, not sure. Mom and I used to park in their huge parking lot and ride our bikes to the Eastham Coast Guard station on a bike path, or walk those paths which have plenty of challenging hills, twists and turns. On this day I got lost a couple of times thinking I was deep in the woods- but just followed my ears- hearing the traffic and got back to the beginning. LOL

March 23 2016

there are many signs along the trail with Braille- telling the person to reach out and touch a tree etc- sometimes that is quite a reach!

not sure why these photos are loading  in strange orders. :)

looking at this  "amphitheater" and the seating makes me wonder what would people listen to for more than 5 minutes sitting on those seats good grief. Like school. ugh

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