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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Open Sewer

On the 4th of May I was walking from here to the post office to either return a Netflix dvd or mail an important document. On the way I saw a familiar figure to my left waving to me- I waved and we chatted for a bit. He was waiting for the MassDOT surveyor to show up by 10am. We all know what that means- show up early and wait for a late arrival. It was cloudy overcast windy cold damp day. But Scott is a lively talker and easy to converse with him. But I did have to get my mail mailed. The story was he was called by the police that someone reported an open sewer on Conservation property. I pass by that area twice a week and no open sewers to my eyes. I would check it out. I spy it and it is just a dry well probably for run off from the property above. The road below that , rt 28, used to flood along there during heavy rain storms. oh well. I mail my mail and head back after taking two pix. one of the  "sewer" the other of a grate which I thought would be the complaint- those are sometimes upended. So I see Scott still waiting we chat some more. The surveyor shows up and the three of us go over to the "sewer". Lots of talk about the State being slow moving but they will check it out and let him , Scott, know who is responsible etc.

I just wonder why the police called Scott and not the Board of Health. And who was reporting something so ridiculous! Not dangerous and not smelly- nothing. And the police- why not place an orange traffic cone or something. Or hazard tape.
the 4th

next trip the 7th of May

May 10th
orange streamers show up LOL

I will not tire of this until it is "fixed" supposedly filled in.

I think a statue to Bureaucracy would be nice.

May 11th

argh  my camera yesterday kept telling me to set battery type and the date was reset to who knows what I managed to change it to 2016 at least. All settings hidden. But I do like the camera!

May 14th had to walk my dvd Endeaver- new Inspector Morse to the post office- checked out the sewer again before getting ready to meet up with Don  & Muriel.

 I was a bit stymied with updates on this exciting spot. LOL Firefox crashed and along with it my link to my edit page here. What a pain!
May 21

moving right alone- May 25th 2016 :)

May 28th 2016

June 3rd 2016

June 11th 2016

June 17th 2016

June 18th 2016
okay walked by here yet again today and thought it was the first time to notice the rosa rugosa LOL  oops old age creeping in.

June 20th 2016

July 2 2016

July 7 2016

July 11 2016

July 18th at least there is some color now.

Okay this has finally gotten too tedious and boring even for me. I will keep an eye on the area and take a photo when it is "fixed".

July 28 2016

July 30 2016

October 5th 2016 time marches on LOL

Oct 31 2016  surrounded by bittersweet.

December 7 2016
while walking to the post office in South Chatham I noticed it was finally filled in! That took over 6 months.
looks like compost from the town dump :)

December 8 2016

Noticed some time this Summer that there was a marker placed or uncovered.


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