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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting a Tattoo and sightseeing

Wharf in Provincetown-
you could hear the PA system on the whale watching boat telling passengers about Dramamine and that it was available on the boat. Also that it was not a cure but a preventative and to be taken BEFORE.

Fish art work

made a pit stop before - restrooms were a bit ripe and the lighting sucked but this sign said : PLEASE NO FLUSHING OF TOILETS WITH YOUR FEET.

A gigantic Hershey Kiss!

Shopping temptations I resisted

Apparently it is a place ( in front of Town Hall) to get a photo taken and I haven't seen & heard so many Brits since before 911

Sad sign Tim's used books- I hope not for good- the one in Hyannis same.

A variety of entertainment available at the "Crown & Anchor"

t shirts

Plenty of variety in the dogs

A walk down the alley to the tattoo parlor- Coastline Tattoo

He got a tattoo of the coordinates for Provincetown tattooed to his forearm. He also enlightened us with the qualities of Ethiopian coffee and cold brew. A lively talker  singer and dancer.

the rest of the parlor

my tat

something glittery for the walk back to the car

ride back to Chatham I noticed a new Cumberland Farms being built in Eastham- looks huge!

Then I wanted to stop at Marconi site and take photos from there of the ocean. Kept straight instead of taking the correct turn and ended up at Marconi Beach instead. Which was a better choice- I was able to get a better vantage point- it was wild but no winds yet. You could hear the ocean from rt 6.

Then I went to Monomoy Wild Life Refuge. I haven't been there since the 60s when a classmate in high school worked for the government at the weather station.
Other than the buildings above there is a short path to take- a bit rough and uneven with high steps to take from level to level- beware! But well worth the walk and delightful.

an abundance  of signs

 and in case anyone forgot- this sign reminds you to not take a left and trespass.

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