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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rant City

I suppose I could do a short Tweet everyday about all the unnecessary annoyances of life. But I would rather have it all in one spot. I will attempt being alphabetical but that won't last.

first off

I love apples. My favorites used to be red delicious. Every day. Then maybe 20 years ago all red delicious apples were not juicy but mealy and smelled like they had been in storage for a year. At least that is what I imagined. So I switched to Macs. Those had a short season and after maybe two weeks on the market in the Autumn they turned hard and green and flavorless. Not soft & white. And if I bought organic or by the piece they are outrageously expensive- over $1.00 a piece. I would cut them in half so I could afford them. Then that price doubled.

So I buy apples by the tote or in a bag I twist and turn the bag examining them as best I can to make sure that they are not all bruises and holes and slit. So I get lucky and one bag of twelve out of those I can eat maybe 10. The others as soon as you wash and peel and cut out the stem area and the flower area you see dense black- cut it in half and the seeds are rotten and black.

I remember one Winter resorting to apple sauce. Then the runaround of whether it was processed in China and made from pulp that had more chemicals than a Monsanto lab. Reading labels is tedious and finding country of origin is usually fine print.

okay onto


Oleo. I do not like butter- other than the fact that it is expensive- it is greasy and I do not care for the taste. Always made sure that what I bought was no trans fats etc. I sure as hell do not like the cheap stuff that is basically glorified motor oil in a tub. So I liked Smart Balance then they caught onto the health craze and jacked up the price. So I switched to Olivio. Really liked the flavor and consistency. Then last week shopping I grabbed a tub of it and the huge letters glared out at me from the rim while I was looking for a freshness date. "Contains Genetically modified products" holy crap. So back to Smart Balance olive oil one. Trying to use less but that is proving to be a bad idea flavor wise. All my veggies are dry! By 2017 I may switch entirely to a bottle of extra virgin olive oil we will see.


Stopped wearing a bra in 1968. I didn't burn one in protest I just stopped wearing them. They were uncomfortable. impossible to secure in the back, and they gave me heartburn from the pressure around my diaphragm. So the remaining comfort problem is panties.Cannot figure a way to avoid them- all my clothes are too rough to have next to my tender skin. But can we just make a pair with a comfortable waist and legs that are not elastic that create other problems. Can they be soft cotton, Can they last longer than 2 months even though I hand wash them. My favorites used to a pair of Warners. It had a banded leg. It had a lacy waist band and they were sized for the human body. They didn't come up under my arms and they were not hip huggers. The closest I can get is a pair in Vermont Country Store. big bucks. Maybe if I win the lottery.




eye doctors and glasses

those three/four need no further explanation. I am sure we can all agree they are painful, way over priced and humiliating. The drug companies are at the top of the list on being  price gougers extreme.


when you call these fuckers. Hey we are usually on the road with a cell phone. Do not put us on hold do not list crap and get the location right. Get it?

Repair services for cars.

 Good luck far from home. Towing to your favorite mechanic is mucho bucks. The tow company will likely misdiagnose and sell you a battery when it is plainly the starter. end of story.

 No personal experience here- I learned one thing in grade school- I hated school. Once you learn how to read and write you should be fine unless you want to be a research scientist . But these schools have got to get their act together. The tuition is outrageous and the places are top heavy with administration that has no clue what is going on and they are slow to amend anything. Costing students time and money to finally get the degree they worked hard for.

 Big small made here or in China they are all faulty and shoddily made.

Making purchases with credit cards.
 Okay people get together and use the same  process. Stop moving the submit or the swipe and if you expect to be in business another year or so- get the chip readers. oh and clerks- do not grab a card out of a customer's hand.

Soy Milk containers.
Maybe all containers. New cap that when you twist it to open it breaks the seal and you can pour - refrigerate- and use in 7-10 days. BUT half of the time the cap leaks or the seal does not break and your trying to find a way to use the shit. And let us not forget the packaging of different "milks"-
DO NOT MAKE THEM IDENTICAL it is an aging America . Bought these wanting two unflavored SOY- get them home and see the difference when putting them away- the almond one has almonds at the bottom. I know my error. But really tired of reading labels to begin with. They were together not rows apart.

Stopped doing dairy again, a week ago. I may be lacking in calcium but will find other ways. Stop making the yogurt like a fucking dessert. I hoped for a plain yogurt in a small container that was not Greek or a yogurt mildly flavored with  anything but fruit and sugar. ugh. Shame on your for feeding the sugar addiction of this country.

Bus schedules.
Simple. Please make them simple. I do not want to have to contact a travel agent to get from here to Boston and back without being stranded in Plymouth. okay?

Businesses in general.
Instruct your employees. They do not have to smile- they do not even have to be "nice" but please acknowledge a customer. And know where the fuck stuff is in the store  and what it does.

I won't bother getting into Government or religion or  self righteous people.

The world would be a nicer place if people minded their own business and did not have an opinion or judgement about someone's private life.

I love pretzel sticks. It may be an addiction. I used to buy Snyders in a pounder bag. Those got too pricey and I tried to stop eating them. But after a particularly grueling week of car issues I needed my sticks. Bought Bachmann's 6 pack. They are individually cellophane wrapped packages. Meant for one serving- I make it two. The 6 pack is wrapped in cellophane. That  sticks to the 6 packs and when you remove the outer layer it sticks to one or two and rips open the package. grrr
It wasn't always this way so they either need to maintain their equipment, or they have hired and not trained someone, or a malfunction of some kind. STOP IT!

Grocery stores

and their Home brand. Hey it is usually good enough or better. So how about carrying it all the time and not just hit and miss in some of your stores. I hate shopping in 3 different Shaws each week to get what I need.


Prescription eyeglasses

aside from the cost thing and they are uncomfortable and ugly. And contacts do not allow your eyes to breath and those are expensive- I am stuck with the glasses I use for driving. I don't do any other activity that requires them for safety sake. I guess if I went to the movies ...

but seriously folks. I have 5 pairs of glasses I depend upon- 4 as backups. For one reason or another the lenses fall out unexpectedly and that is scary while driving. Why is this? I go back and have them "reattached" and they still pop out. I have cheap readers that I have had for years and those manage to stay together. Only thing with those is the nose pinchers fall off.
This happened again! grrr

Maybe I will tackle "government"

While walking in Mosswood cemetery in Cotuit I stumbled upon a gravestone that had the birth year 1033 instead of 1933.  I contacted the cemetery- they responded- not their problem. The survivors ( I believe they are all dead) have to notify VA. But he gave me the 800 number for the VA and the pay call number for the Hyannis office for veterans. I called VA- no it has to come from survivors for it to be corrected. I balk at that and say there are none. She says that's the rules. So I look for an email address for the local VA. I do not have long distance service on my phone. End up contacting Massachusetts site for veterans on facebook. They reply quickly with the email address of the Hyannis person. I email him and haven't heard back. I attached this photo of the stone.  We will see how long this takes! If ever.


the edible kind.

Store bought sure have changed. Those Dromedary brand ones are dry tough and tasteless.  Health Food store was a good old standby for years but they started coating them with coconut and not having plain old dates in stocks. So after searching high and lo found them at Whole Foods at a decent price. Two containers would last me a month. Recently I noticed they tasted like  licorice candies. Okay clerks- get with it. I assume that they use plastic gloves for hygienic reasons. They are not protecting themselves from infection but I hope they act as a barrier to their unwashed hands. Pretty sure they still sneeze and cough over the process but how about changing gloves after the candy routine. geez.

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