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Thursday, October 20, 2016

This makes no sense.

Things I gave up because they were either making me fat or they cost too much or both.

Gave this up over 5 years ago. Too expensive. I cannot do dairy and the soy cheeses were way too expensive and the quality was not consistent.

Fruit juices
When did cranberry juice stop tasting good? I would rather eat fruit but juice was like a way of life with me- If I was hungry I drank some juice. Single serve orange juice was great but that started tasting "funny".

Store bought was getting to be 5.00+ a loaf. I made my own for years but realized that was why I was bloated . And the bread machine pan became impossible for me to  pull out of the machine when done.

I have discussed this in other posts. Too sweet. So very aggravating! And the size I like: small- that is plain and Greek yogurt. Too thick.

But aside from all my reasons and bitching about it- where is the money I have saved?

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