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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Drummer Boy Museum & Wind Mill

Goodness knows I have turned into Drummer Boy many times. Usually to attend a craft fair. I either find a parking spot and wander around aimlessly buying nothing or cannot find a parking spot and end up with a crick in my neck from trying to get outta there! Well I finally remembered to take that turn today. Overcast weather and after the season. Funny how when I was about to leave people began filing in. I parked and left my car running. I wanted photos of the windmill. I had heard there was a dog park back there. Well did not see that. Saw there is a private road that heads to a house for sale. :)
Most fascinating other than the windmill was an old blacksmith shop and an old structure from 1795 that was a home back then. I tried to take photos through the windows. You can tell there is bare furniture and maybe a spinning wheel. I am sure they charge for a tour so that's out LOL but is did ease my curiosity at last.

oh and it is hopeless to wait for a blue sky for crisper photos. Still pleasant. Maybe I should switch them to black & white! nah- there is some green to the grass.

I should have had another person with me to compare the size of that "rock"!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hats Drums Yarn and wandering

In no particular order- what I did on my Free Friday Bus trip.

First let me say I hustled to get to the stop and the bus was late. Another different driver. The one on the trip to Hyannis called out all the stops. The one on the way back sang along with 60s & 70s music and played drums with the dashboard and steering wheel. First bus was overheated and full of too much perfume. phew. But hey it was free and even at a dollar is cheap and worth it.

My main purpose was to deliver hats for the hat tree. Been knitting most of the year for this. Missed it last year. And this year the tree wasn't up yet. ho hum. I so wanted a photo- oh well maybe another free Friday.

in no particular order

My friend Mary drove me over to AC Moore for yarn after our stroll on Main Street- this is the "new" Salvation Army ringer ( playing with her-his phone) and a clerk or customer in AC Moore with a large neck tattoo. Of course the lighting sucks.

as a  side note when I returned here I was looking out my kitchen door and saw the lawn below torn up by something, good grief.

saw bike racks on the bus utilized today and signs that said the buses were "Protected by Video Surveillance "

A Pup wash, Christmas Stroll Banner for December 3rd, some roses still, Edward M Kennedy stone, nice brick work in the park,old library, new library and 6 hour parking sign.

a bench with  "NO SMOKING" sign with cigarette butts in the cracks. The ultimate in disrespect. geez
 British Beer Company, some artwork by Sturgis,

The Beech tree that has supposedly been there since the 1700s, I have waited long enough for the leaves to fall and for there to be sunshine at the same time.

The rest rooms  clean and well lit and surveillance cameras.

Jack's Drum Shop
I haven't been in this shop in years, decades, I remembered it being larger and somewhere else on Main Street though. But here it is. Some day I will buy myself a drum LOL

wondering what this spiral thing is