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Sunday, December 31, 2017


These are fun.

then on to the 18 gauge wire ones which really ARE fun :D

Crafts with beads LOL

A while ago I saw a video on facebook for a craft using a hot glue gun sticks and beads. You cover the end of the stick with hot glue and then dip it in a dish of beads. Looked cute like a little display of flowers. So I have a gazillion beads I will never have the eyesight to string, boxes of chopsticks I cannot eat with and the trusty glue gun. Early October 2017 I got energy to build me some beaded flowers. LOL

Easy enough to do but as with all crafts and recipes on facebook- leave a lot to be desired. The beads drop off at will. fun.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


November 28th 2017

only reason I remember the date is I have the receipt from a yarn purchase made that day.  Likely I will not ride the bus again until the cough sneezing season etc is over with. Maybe June. >groan<

Walked to rt 137 via the short cut. Always a bit of an adventure. Either someone approaching or strange foot tracks that disappear LOL

I think I caught the 10 ish bus into Chatham. Had the bus driver drop me at the rotary by the Congregational Church so I could walk to the bank for Carol's deposit. That was a nice brisk walk. Then back to the rotary and in to Cumberland Farms to pick up 4 $5.00 gift cards for various peeps. Asked to use the bathroom. Nice and clean, well lit and soap and paper towels. They very enticingly pipe in the aroma of donuts or baked goods into the restroom LOL. Then I high tailed it West to the Great Yarn shop. As I approached the traffic lights at Crowell road I saw the bus that would take me back. drat that meant I had over an hour to kill after the yarn. Got the gift certificate in there and bought a skein of yarn for myself on a deep sale! I think it was 4 bucks. They no longer carry the bulky Japanese yarn I love. So I ended up with a deep red with  speckles part wool yarn. Nice feel to it. but...
Was starting to get a tickle in my throat with the yarn dust so decided to walk West until the bus arrived. 50 fucking minutes good grief. Got as far as Organic Market and could not walk another step. Went in and asked if I could sit on the bench outside and wait for bus. Yes no problem. Terrific. Sat there in the sun for 10 minutes or so. A white truck pulled up and it looked like a former boyfriend from the 80s that I have not seen in over 30 years. Turns out it wasn't LOL but sitting there I saw my uncle's wife Mary pull in. I waved and said Hi to get her attention. we chatted a bit then she went in to shop. When she  came out she offered to give me a ride. I took her up on it- another 40 minutes would feel like an eternity! So I had her drop me at the parking lot so I could still take a hike through the short cut. Thanked Mary profusely and was on my way. Pretty soon after that my throat was so sore! and sneeze good grief a marathon of sneezing for days- then the cough and strangle tickle. Every fucking night.. I could not find Chloraseptic throat spray so depended upon saline drops and Ricola and Vicks and tiger balm and Halls menthol drops. Two weeks comin and 2 weeks going. And no appetite. I have eaten a banana at breakfast for years. Still can't even look at one or oatmeal. Had cooked oatmeal for years. I could tell I was getting weak from lack of food. Broke down and bought Pepperidge Farm Pumpernickel bread and sliced tomatoes. That usually perks me up. Tried different dried cold cereals too. So weird. At first I blamed it on the new yarn as the sneezing was increased with that yarn. I pulled out the project I had started with the yarn and rolled it back into a ball to try later. yikes. oh and the rib cage pain oh brother.

So I received many gift cards for Christmas and would love to spend them but shopping will have to wait until late Spring.

November 26 2017
from previous blog- to get it all together.

There will be no photos. I guess people feel that is intrusive. If I can take some impersonal ones I will. But presently I have only a Nikon camera with no settings and a memory card ready to give up the ghost. I never knew how much I depended upon the camera to express myself! Now I have to revert to using words. LOL

This from December 2016

I have kind of lost track of how many times I have taken the bus!
I know first time was a woman driver- very chatty and she let me ride for a dollar just seeing my driver's license. Of course I do not look like a Spring chicken either.

Same driver on return trip.

Then the rally in Orleans. Another trip to drop off hats  for the hat tree at the  Hyannia Public library and meet Mary.

yesterday a trip to Harwich to buy food and see how much I can lug on the walk back. Not much that's for sure. The carton of soymilk almost did me in!

and today a free bus Friday.  Took the bus there but Mary met me and we came back here via rt 6A.

The bus today was FULL almost from the start. Recognized a couple of people from before. Always a cast of characters in the back- either all Jamaicans or a mix of loners who talk to no one or everyone.

The ones who get on for a short trip to the food store or a group meeting. There were about 6 people all came on at once who were part of a program of some kind. Most reeked of cigarettes.

A man with a huge spiraling walking stick.

Working women of various shapes sizes and colors who had to put up with annoying but well meaning older men intent upon supplying sweets for their children.

But around Harwich or Dennis two men got on, one a hat and a beard and a cough. The other long blonde hair and mascara well done, lipstick applied theatrically and smooth swollen pale hands with red nail polish. I wondered if there was an etiquette in striking up a conversation and asking questions. None of my business and I was in no way judging anyone on the bus. I just wanted to know.

I WAS judging one guy actually three people. One was talking on his cell phone giving investment advice to some poor sucker and was pronouncing Trump the hero who would bring greater tax relief to the middle class and a more fair tax  system.

right. He was the same person who said under his breath " should have stayed in PTown and never left" when the transsexual got off the bus.

yeah I judge him as an asshole.

Also a man and a woman hogged two seats almost the entire ride. The woman putting her foot up on the other seat, the guy spreading himself out with bag and body over two seats. As we approached Hyannis an elderly man got on and the seat hog moved and gave up his seat to the older man. Very distinguished  looking with profession ball room dancing shoes on with fancy laces.

I may add to this if quirkiness abounds.


November 24 2017

Hadn't taken the bus since last December 2016 . They started the free bus Wednesdays some time at the beginning of the Summer of 2017, boy did that fly by! Each Wednesday I had a legitimate excuse for not taking the free bus- weather- rain or winds every freaking Wednesday and just feeling too punk to mix with the public oh and actually it was too hot many Wednesdays in the Summer.

So Friday the 24th after house check and food shopping and recycling I came back here with the intention of making the 10:15am bus. That would have been too much of a rush. Now two days have passed and I cannot remember whether it was the 11:15 or the 12:15 I finally took LOL

Flagged down the driver and hopped on. Had trouble feeding the dollar bill into the slot. So he did it for me. I quickly grabbed a seat and situated myself for the hour ride. There was a young man diagonally across from me sound asleep! The entire ride to Hyannis! A man got on and sat in the higher back seats. A woman got on and sat beside me but in a seat facing forward! I had never observed that. Must be great to not   be craning your neck all the time! Well the man sneezed an unprotected sneeze- a biggy! The woman to my left said "bless you" I thought fuck you I felt like slapping them both- her for blessing and him for not covering his freaking mouth. people.

Couple of people got off. One came on and sat near me. Then Bill Eldredge got on. I went to school with him . Father was Eugene and he used to work as maintenance  at the Chatham Post Office when we first moved here. Bill's brothers that I knew were Joe, Eugene and Ralph. Not sure Bill recognized me but when he got off at Land Ho in Harwich Port I asked the guy next to me if it was him. Yes and they used to work together. Says Bill at 74 is still working on roofs and as a carpenter. Another guy gets on with 2 huge parcels and plunks down next to me. Then when someone moved he moved across the aisle. Idle chatter back and forth. Finally get to Hyannis. I start to get a headache each bus ride around Patriots Square. I should maybe wear darker sunglasses.

Took a leak at the depot and asked when the next bus back to Orleans was? every hour at 30 past the hour ( not easy to word that! ). So that is easy to remember. Had on my Timberlands and vest and purple Winter jacket. Thank goodness as it was windy and cool. But sunny. I was hauling what felt like 10 pounds of hats! Not sure why my fanny pack feels so heavy if there are no keys in there and no camera! Gotta figure that out soon. So I walk to the library and they accept the hats nicely and ask for my address so they can thank me. That will be a first. Not that it is necessary.

From there over to the Tibet shop. wow I did not realize it was such a walk! Got 3 packs of incense for under 7 bucks and headed back to the bus depot to catch the 2:30 bus. I stopped along the way and sat on a bench and watched traffic and people and ate a Halo orange and my mini pretzels. My pants kept falling down- guess I lose weight all the walking. Take another pee cause that ride is long back to South Chatham and the walk is another 15 minutes.

Totally different set of people. A couple asked the driver if the bus goes to the ER! They get on. wow. And a young man gets on with his  arm bandaged from hand to elbow. The driver asks him what happened. Sounded like he intervened in a dog fight or something. He joked about an operation adding more titanium . I said he will turn into a golf club- he thought it would be cool if he could divert traffic or whatever. Young woman got on and sat next to him- they acted chummy. Interesting to watch them interact between each other and other passengers. She gets off and he moves to the back of the bus to co mingle with the "bad boys" that got on in Yarmouth. You could tell they knew how to have a good time and be reckless. LOL
So then at Patriot Square this guy gets on- young good looking etc. Irish blue eyes and face. Maybe not. But he proceeded  to call many people unsuccessfully on his iPhone. He was restless and jumpy and kept sitting on his coffee container. I assume it was empty and reusable. Then he proceeds to remove his jacket then his sweatshirt. I was getting hopeful of seeing some live flesh :D but he stopped there and I saw a t shirt with a logo from a construction company. Oh and all this time he hauls out a roll of bills and counts his money. To a quick glance it appeared to be less than 200 bucks. He kept counting it and sticking it back in his pocket. He finally called someone that answered the phone and desperately was asking for money. oh brother. Then he starts praying and crossing himself and looking depressed. He got off in Harwich somewhere.

So back in Chatham at 3:30pm almost getting dark and I drag my ass back to the apartment.

Saturday the 25th

Decided to catch a morning bus into Chatham do bank errand, Cumberland Farms and Great Yarn shop. Driver dropped me off at the rotary and I walked to the bank. That was quick. Then walked to Cumberland Farms for 4 gift cards. And to pee. The rest room smelled of baking/frying doughnuts! Wow almost irresistible. Then I headed to the Yarn shop. As I approached the traffic lights I saw the bus that heads to Hyannis just making the turn. 11:04. That meant I had over an hour to waste until I caught bus back to apartment. I groaned inside LOL. Yarn shop was nice but no more of my favorite bulky Japanese wool yarn. I found something I liked kind of a dark red with flecks. And got the gift certificate. All for less than 20 bucks. yay! Looked at my cellphone and it was 11:10am. Good grief. So I kept walking. If I had a camera with me I would have walked into Union cemetery and taken photos. But time flies in there and I probably would have missed the bus! I keep walking until I see the health food store has an outside bench! Yay I can take a load off my feet my right ankle was screaming. I asked first and the clerks said fine very friendly. So I sit there and munch on my mini pretzels and people watch. A white truck pulls up and the driver looked like a former boyfriend from the 80s and he looks just like his father. I wait hoping he gets out. I haven't spoken to him since 1985. Then out of the corner of my eye I see Mary, Roger's wife pull in and get out of her car. I wave to her and she comes over and we chat a bit. She offered to give me a ride back. When she comes out from shopping I would have still had another 20 minute wait for the bus. So it was a great reprieve. White trick guy never got out of his truck. 20 minutes of just sitting there. Very strange. So I have Mary drop me off at the bike path parking lot - I still wanted to get in more of a hike. She had asked earlier if I wanted to stop and see Rog but it was too close to lunch and would have involved getting back here again LOL. I am sure that won't happen again. But the bus is a learning experience.

so say the least.

almost forgot! as I was leaving the library in Hyannis a cop cruiser pulled into the drive. I was standing there waiting to cross the street to get to Tibet store. He rolled down his window and I looked "yes?" he said sorry- thought I was someone else.
ha ha ha
I said- I know I look like a bag lady right? :)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Going to add all the documents I have so far for the Chrysties but before I do I want to tell about a "light bulb" incident. And as happens with them - they occur when you least expect them.
I have been searching for James Chrystie's father for 40 years. Stumbled upon him quite by accident when I was browsing a facebook group dedicated to Mount Moriah Cemetery and getting it back to a normal place of rest instead of a depository for mattresses and old tires. And funny how things stick in your mind from your childhood, names places and rides through cemeteries that seemingly had no rhyme nor reason.

so Found Edwin A Christy in February 2015. Buried with Fanny Garner his second wife. Where was the first wife, the mother of James and sister Amy? This was exhausting. Found Amy had married a Jerry Pancoast no children and died in New Jersey in 1940. I wanted to know the death date so requested a photo of the gravestone and there is none. So I let that slide. Millions of other details in my tree to tend to. But chip away at it. I knew her mother was Elizabeth Fox. Who was buried as Elizabeth Reneld. Why oh why. They were even listed as Edwin and Elizabeth Reynolds Reneld in the 1870 census.

So today I wanted to find out Amy's death date. I asked on RAOGK site on facebook. Many suggestions. One of which was to contact the Pancoast Funeral home in New Jersey. Kind of logical LOL. Earlier today and last night I had emailed various state offices and came up zip. New Jersey is notorious for keeping a tight grip on records. So someone on RAOGK posted a photo of Amy's social security application in 1937 and I saw at least that the mother Elizabeth was listed. So all day I was reviewing censuses with Amy and Jerry and checking ages and place of birth etc. Saw she listed her father as born in Denmark, correct and language Danish!

okay here the light bulb! Reneld- Reynolds most definitely could be Edwin's translation of Fox which is Renard in French. Close enough for me. Just no way I will ever know. So when he was asked her name for census or death certificate that is what came out.

I even toyed with the idea that he was paid by some one to serve in the Civil War and took their name LOL

But I am sticking with the Danish interpretation of Fox!

This shows how far down the rabbit hole you can go looking for people and relatives. Years and years we were told Chrysties were from Scotland, and they very well may be but Edwin was born in Denmark- maybe his mother and father worked on a boat- or whatever. But I still looked for Edwin Christy in England and came across him living with an aunt and uncle John and Elizabeth Brown living in Nottingham LOL
we can dash that I am sure Edwin had come up as a lace maker as well at the age of 8 or 12. I cannot find that document though. This is just for laughs.

Fanny Christy Edwin's second wife and mother of Robert Garner Christy. She died in 1926 and Robert died in 1941

1910 census

Amy censuses. She lived with the Lacy family for about 10 years then married Jerry Pancoast in 1910.

okay getting late- too much on my eyes. More later

Edwin and Fanny had a son Robert Garner Christy who married Florence Weiser they had four children: Evelyn 1911-1912,Roberta Mabel 1913 1984, Edwin A 1914 - 1999, and Ida 1917-2008. Robert Garner died in 1941 and Florence Weiser  1884-1978 remarried  to Oscar Peterson 1888-1982. Here is his obituary

Florence's obituary

more later- pages are freezing.

Madeline May Murphy obituary
 husband James obituary

Amy 1900 census- bookkeeper

Amy 1940 census dated April 9 1940. She died in 1940 so I guess this narrows it down to after April 9th!

1851 census Nottingham England with an Edwin Christy listed as a nephew to Brown family? occupation count boy.

Elizabeth Reneld death no idea why twice , may involve size of image- we will see

1880 census Lydia Fanny with James and Amy- no Edwin he may have been at sea

few more censuses  1870 Edwin Elizabeth and James and Amy as Reynolds  and the full 1900 one with Amy

1940 census I guess Dad Chrystie was home and gave the answers and either made the census taker nervous or answered wrong on purpose.
Robert, Ruth, Robert Ruth when it should have been Charles Edward, Sedwell, Ruth and Charles Robert. LOL
1509 Robinson st Philadelphia- a Chrystie residence.

Clara Estelle and James marriage

enough for tonight

oh wait I will add this I believe this belonged to James Chrystie

 okay I asked a group on facebook last night about Jesse Stanley. He was married to my grandmother Sedwell in 1920-21. They divorced. Family urban legend has it that one of Bill Gidley's lawyers or the lawyer that Ma worked for had to encourage Jesse or his family to release Ma's travel trunk with her belongings.  So It appears Jesse married again in the 30s an Alice Eva Rhodes. She died in Florida in 1951. Well RAOGK came up with news items. She committed suicide. She was in the news item with a Robert Francis Seybolt who shot himself the other side of town. It appeared to me that the cases were related but the officials at the time said no. Seybolt was a linguist professor at University of Illinois.

Alice was a waitress.

mysterious letter from "Mary" who lived at 7 Ord Street in Salem Massachusetts

Monday, October 23, 2017

Feminine Hygiene Aisle

A young woman on facebook has a youtube channel basically comparing USA with Germany . She was born in USA but moved to Germany a few years ago. It is  charming, humorous and informative. Her name is Dana and her latest was a video on Feminine hygiene products here and there.
So first off she wanted to know what other names there were for period. In Germany it is "tage" or "days". I think I got that right. Some of her European followers had some funny comments "Shark week" "Bloody Hell" " Red Invasion" to name a few. My favorite was "got the rag on"
 Link to video

So today I had simple errands or so I thought. Was going to take the bus into Chatham then realized I had to go to my bank in Harwich Port to get print outs. After the bank I stopped at Star Market to get business envelopes and check out the aisle.  Seriously haven't been down that aisle since 1998. oh my the changes.  Back then yes there was the cup and the sponge but available elsewhere not the grocery store. It was tubeless tampons and applicator ones, wide variety of pads and  yeast infection creams etc. and an occasional pregnancy test. Now it is fertility and ovulation, birth control, pads, cups, tampons, washes you name it.
So took photos in Star Market and still didn't see cups. So I asked the gossiping clerks in the aisle where they were. Answer: discontinued. but CVS has them. oh great an added stop on my way back to Chatham and the library. so...

  so I left Star Market and there was a man in front of me and a window washer doing the door. Window washer had to manually hold the door for us. So I rushed through. Realizing instantly that the man in front farted. I detected a diet of liverwurst, onions and maple flavored baked beans.

Then to CVS

ovulation and fertility- then out of the corner of my eye I saw this! My guess is women buy this for the men - why else put a hunk on a package of Depends!