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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Long Beach-Centerville

pretty desolate in January

Bean Plant

To distract myself and do something simple to combat the angst of the election results I took one red bean and planted it in a tall red cup.

today January 26 2017 I think I see the shell of the bean breaking so soon maybe!

January 26 2017  looks like it is trying
bean not doing much. So I decided to soak another bean in water and maybe it will sprout that way. we will see.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Orleans - Eastham bike path

Felt like we walked to Truro. One hour 25 minutes.

a short distance from Snow's- unfamiliar territory

is that V dog ??? or what. Also a motel named something ridiculous like Sea View LOL and its empty pool.

I have never driven on that section of  the Mid Cape Highway

Austin Smith sanctuary really goes nowhere but I am sure the wildlife appreciates the space.

Be nice to animals

seashell path and back to the beginning of the bike path.

and on to pee break and coffee and chat!

cannot get enough blue sky!