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Friday, January 20, 2017

69th Birthday and no internet

well almost. At least no news and no facebook.

After watching a really good film on Netflix DVD a good night's sleep.
Started out as usual- up with alarm at 4:15am. The routine-  teeth- face- tea- exercycle -chi gung and knit & walk. Break fast with sauteed banana, one apricot and two dates. Then after Knit&Walk a small amount of oatmeal, protein powder, soymilk and  grapenuts . Then tablespoon of soynut butter and a square of chocolate.

Checked email at 6am as I promised myself. A list of alerts showed up- I thought it was a glitch! No, Bob P has sent me three Kindle books. And an ecard that was lovely. I quickly redeemed two of the books- one a Sara Paretsky the other a book about a blogger- Old Bucky and me. Then the third one was not available to USA.So I put that off for after breakfast to deal with. LOL. Finally sorted out the book problem and got Falling Leaves a True story on my kindle- the American version LOL

I was taking a photo of my speedometer on my exercycle  ah 5200+ miles. I stopped looking about 5 years ago when the cable broke and wasn't registering speed-miles, I will take a photo each day and see if it progresses the same each day. I do 3 - 10 minute sets every day on it. I think I used to do 5 miles a day.

So as I was doing that  I noticed something hanging from the hub of the front wheel- it was a tassel of yarn. How the heck did that get there? And I cannot remove it. Probably have to  get down on hands and knees and clip and use tweezers. ugh

So since I didn't have my usual obit-news-facebook search to do I headed out for my walk to the South Chatham Post Office to mail Sally's birthday card and crystal starfish. And return the Netflix DVD In A Better World. Nice walk over 40 minutes. On the way back picked up litter along the way and filled another bag. Back here spent another 10 minutes or so straightening up the recycles from the litter and fed the birds. Had to pee so that was cut short.

Back inside I started water for coffee and started mixing dry ingredients in separate bags for cinnamini muffins and my graham crackers. Water boiled and oven pre heated and phone rang- it was Jer wanting to come over in a bit for my birthday. Spent about an hour- I had to finish making the muffins. They gave me two nice cards and 50 bucks.  Sure can use it.

Marty and Jer left and I started my coffee again and made the graham crackers. oh Jer got a muffin fresh from the oven and he and Marty had some graham crackers from the old batch. Muffins are supposed to make 12 - always turns out to be 11. No matter how careful I am. oh well- a ditdit dozen.

Opened the package from Dawn- inside a lovely card and a beverage selection of assorted teas and Iced Vanilla Latte mixes.

There is a 30 minute nap in here somewhere.

As I was slowly cleaning up from all this commotion I realized the little accordion rack I installed on the right side of the refrigerator for pot holders had little erect peckers on it , at least 9 of them LOL

That's it so far
Time for supper of peas, half a roasted golden potato, broccoli and some roasted sweets and celery roasted. and some broth.

Been a chilly day and I spent about 15 minutes out in the parking lot talking with Mike. I was checking my snail mail box and noticed he has a new to him truck. Nice red color.
While eating supper I could hear an engine below. Popped up and looked outside and saw UPS truck pulling away. Looked out on deck and there was a package on the stairs below! Open it and it is a Whole Foods Gift card from Paula. Wow I hit the jackpot this year.

wow after all these years of using blogger I found the text was hard to read- I was able to change it. woo hoo! I love google.

just as an aside: last night as I was preparing for this absence from facebook by doing new selfies LOL. I was practicing drawing.  I wanted to do a cartoon of me perplexed or saddened by the election. I must think I am an artist or something I must have 25 colored pencils LOL. oh well that didn't work out I stuck with  Cyberlink Youcam screen grabs. :D

Unbelievable. I got down and examined the wheel hub and it was a friendship bracelet I had started a few months ago making it with yarn instead of floss. Needless to say that is history.

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