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Monday, June 5, 2017

Red Maple Swamp-Eastham

This reopened early Spring 2017 after years of neglect- wobbly boardwalk and wild overgrowth. I love Fort Hill view which is nearby, Mom and I used to drive up there and we also did the walk through the Red Maple Swamp many times. I decided it was a good time this May 27th to walk through and scatter the remaining ashes of hers. Took about an hour and then I walked up to the Penniman House and took photos- and went up to the front of it for the first time. Great place and a lot of angles and a mansard roof. Then before I left I went up to Fort Hill. The skies were not sunny but they had glimpses of blue through the over cast.
There will be too many photos but I want to preserve the feeling of the area.

No clue what the T on the stone means :)

 the last of Mom's ashes

the tea expired before she did. LOL

I did a video on youtube me limboing under this

this peek-a-boo hole in a dead branch- I thought to myself, if I saw it on my way back I would take it home with me.

 above the end of that section of the boardwalk

every where I go there is a load of crap

Penniman House

- first time I spied a stained glass window!

Then on to Fort Hill before I head back.

then some sky drama over Pleasant Bay on the ride back to Chatham

and the wood hole once I got back here.

and the links to my videos - I hope. Rarely successful linking here.
Quivering water

Limbo under low limb

Hike on boardwalk with a bit of dialogue

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