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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sharks in the Park- Chatham 2017

Deborah Flower Greenwood
Rich Benson, Gil Wilson, Tilda McGee Bystrom,Pati DuVall

Heather Smith Labbe, Heather Smith Labbe, Haley Kinerson,Deborah Flower Greenwood, Alfred Glover, Jennifer Dunn.

Sharon Z Ferguson, Evelyn Ambriscoe, Peter James Glenn, Pati DuVall, Dianna Braginton-Smith< 3 mylar balloon samples, Gruneberg Illustrations in yellow

this one would not load first time- Julie Dykens

Jeanne Tassinari,Matthew Hannan, Heather Smith-Labbe, Dorothy Bassett, Nancy Lyon, Chelsea Doane & Patricia De Traglia, Bystrom unclear, Barbara Outwin Hersey,Candace Buffard.

Sarah Upton Bergquist, Rebecca,Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School 8th grade,Jeremiah Nickerson the skeleton one, Donna Spatidol, Pati DuVall, Judy St Peter.

Nancy Lyon, Tammie J Haislet,Janet C Newton, Jeanne Tassinari, Chelsie's Pottery students, Tilda Bystrom back & front, two people names blurred, Steve ?, Wayne ?, Steve Lyons.

Sue Simpson, Jerry Evans, Pati Du Vall, Brendan Russo,Sophia Dress,too blurred,Rustic Marlin, Lauren ?, Pati DuVall,


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