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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Emily Firth & Charles Mulholland

Since I posted a blog about the Gilger Murder-Suicde I figured I would even things out with this side of the family. Emily was married to a John Chorley and lived in New Hampshire. No children existed as far as I knew. Then through ancestry DNA matches someone sent me a message asking if I had photos of Emily. I said no but I sent her plenty of the family that I did have. She sent me a partial sample of her tree and I saw that Emily was married to Charles Henry Mulholland from Philadelphia and they had 7 children. Turns out neither she nor the father raised the children. They were either fostered out or went to live with family. Then the story began to unravel. Astonishing things happened. Charles died in an asylum in Ohio. He had been convicted of assaulting one of his daughters. Most of the children had no contact with each other until the 1970s when there was a reunion because one of them had read a news item about a person named Mulholland. I will post photos and news items and explain as I go. Most likely will not be in chronological order. They were all interesting. I think 2 had children Edward and Edna. Edna married twice- first time to an Italian! and had 4 children, and then 3 children by the last husband. Verdie was the one who married 5 times. Murdered her 4th husband and spent time in a detention home in Ohio for a year I believe and then married a fifth husband. They are buried together in Ohio.
Emily was  the daughter of Edwin Firth and Frances Brown. born in England 1864 and died in Manchester New Hampshire 1928.
Charles Mulholland was the son of John Mulholland and Elizabeth Knowles, born 1857 in Philadelphia died 1933 in Ohio
their children:
Frances Elizabeth "Bessie" 1883-1968
Charles Edgar Mulholland  1884-1973
John E Mulholland 1886-1887
Edna Marie Mulholland 1890-1966
Harriet Eckley "Hattie" Rich Mulholland 1891-1979
Edward Earl Mulholland 1891-1958

well here goes. This will be random like the jig saw puzzle my tree has always been.

Leafy hints began to make sense after all of this. This showed up in May 2017 on my tree. I am not a subscriber so I cannot click on the tidbits.

Alms House 1884 in New York. And her marriage to Chorley.

Verdie, Emily's daughter married five times, this is the record of her marrying Harley M McCumber. Her name on this is Verdie Dyal- that surname of the people who adopted her.
Firth Chorley marriage

the family seems to have a problem with telling truth about age and times married LOL

Edward Mulhollands gravestone with wife Hilda and a close up of their cameo photo

obviously he missed the reunion in later years. :(
Burial plot plan for Harriet and Frances. They are buried in Hubert Rich plot

Emily Firth & Charles Mulholland's marriage date and divorce Married 1882 in Auburn New York, divorced by Emily for abandonment 1902

Frances Firth Lennox obituary

Edna Charles and Verdie

Three news items about Charles Mulholland's trail and being accused of assaulting his daughter Frances.

Verdie 1930 US census in prison in Ohio line 13

Verdie & William Smith marriage record

Verdie news articles

Verdie trial

Verdie when she lived in Providence

Verdie's verdict and sentence.

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