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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Gilger- Murder-Suicide

 I found Warren and Lillie Gilger on the Shamokin Cemetery website July 2 2014. Not until June of 2017 did I realize I was related to Warren.

These news items will have to be random, but the story will unfold in any case.
George Warren Gilger was a 1st cousin 3x removed. Whatever that means. He was a cousin. Born 1862 to William H Gilger and Jane Sober.
He married , or not as the case may be Hattie Troutman and had a son Garfield Arthur Gilger in 1882. They must have  divorced. What ever happened Hattie raised Garfield Arthur herself and she remarried in 1901.

Warren as he was popularly known married Lillie Spatzer January 23 1900 in Shamokin. They separated and she was living in Pottsville with friends or family. She came back to Shamokin and Warren saw her. In a jealous rage, fueled by alcohol, he shot and killed her on the street. When I realized he was a butcher I kind of breathed a sigh of relief that he did not use a butcher knife.
She died  September 21 1901. He died from complications from his self inflicted wounds June 29 1902.

 Victim of 1899 attack dies in 1917



Garfield is Warren's son and this is his daughter's obituary.



notice the headline error.


 Warren's grandmother Susanna


This is Warren's father


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