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Friday, November 14, 2014

Knit & Walk completed

I will still knit & walk it sure makes the 50 minutes inside exercising fly by! But I have accomplished the goal of knitting scarves , cowls and shawls for 3 food pantries who accept donated clothing. The 3 are located in areas where Mom was born, lived and grew up. It was her yarn used in each piece- yarn she left behind when she passed away in November 2008. Took me almost 5 years to regain the dexterity needed to knit. Project began March 2014 and completed today November 14th 2014.
One shawl went to each pantry , 2 cowls or neck warmers, and 5 scarves of various lengths. I had to buy boxes for mailing and postage all totaling almost $25.00. The yarn was free to me!

Plain colors long scarves- funny how the colors show differently.

cowls & neck warmers. I love knitting the cowls in the round with a circular needle.

then some long scarves of varied multi-colors

then the shawls

shorter varied colors

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