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Friday, November 7, 2014

Odds & Ends

Had a rolled up Army photo of my father in World War II sticking around here for years. Finally , carefully unraveled it and placed it under plates of glass for a week or so . Then I was able to scan it in 3 parts without it curling too much. I would love to add even just one name to those unidentified but I doubt that will happen. I posted the 3 on a facebook group.




So I still had 2 bags of Mom's ashes left to scatter. Since the trip to Nantucket fell through and scattering them from the ferry on the way to Martha's Vineyard would not accomplish the task; which was what Mom wanted: them scattered on Nantucket sound. That body of water is not Nantucket sound.Did the Nantucket thing with an origami sailboat from Harding's Beach on the 7th of September. Thought beautifying this area would be a good idea so I asked my brother if it was okay to plant bulbs out by the signs for this complex. yes. Ordered the bulbs- 100 special through Brecks- crocuses,tulips and various narcissus and daffodils. I scattered the ashes in that spot and almost immediately 2 dogs came along and peed and took a shit there. Typical for Mom and for me- dog crap follows us everywhere.
Yesterday was the day to plant them- a down day for landscaping with rain etc so DelRoy did the sod scraping and I helped to carrying away some debris and place bulbs. He also prettied up the area in the back of the apartment where I have flower boxes etc and he clipped back shrubs per Jer's instructions. We both dodged raindrops and flying birds for over an hour!

October 15 2014
Prep for the area: I realized yesterday that the skimming of the sod removed a lot! But I hope the ashes had time to seep into the soil and nourish.

November 6th 2014
Prep for bulbs courtesy of DelRoy & Jer
before the sod scraping

There were two loads of dog crap "aged" in the raised bed and a fresh load not far away.

the bulbs

Then around back found some bittersweet wrapped around the rose of Sharon- it was creeping in through the fence, pretty stuff and always loved it but so invasive.

DelRoy tending to the back yard- planting 7 bulbs I saved to go around my kitty Dorian's grave & birdbath.

finished product up front looks marvelous.

Then with energy to spare I tackled the Winterizing of the inside windows in the apartment. This is half of the project. A second layer once I get more plastic sheeting and more/better sticky tape.The tape:

I cut off strips of tape and press to frame of window and screen. Wait 30 minutes to an hour for it to set and then peel it off and apply the plastic sheeting. Taking photos inside on a crappy day is not for a CanonA2500. LOL

peeling the tape backing:

Jer & Marty fixing equipment.

Mom's new seashells gathered after the Nor'Easter from Harding's beach.

New kitchen faucet! Finally took photo in good light and not a sink full of pots & pans.

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