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Friday, January 23, 2015

Highland Light

There are going to be a lot of photos- just a warning. There were so many signs here there and everywhere today I will devote an entire blog to THAT. Any pix that appear senseless are the ones where I could see the Jenny Lind Tower in the distance- it was like it followed me around. Taunting me. Also red tailed hawks were hovering- my Nikon would have captured those better but too cold to carry two cameras.Also pictured is the Truro Historical anchor out front. As I walkd away from that a red truck pulled into the parking lot, a man got out and we exchanged "hi" s I quickly asked him of he knew how to get to the Jenny Lind Tower. He said to head to the left once I turned out of there and go to the old Air Force base. That was easier said than done but that is next.

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