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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Homelessness on Cape Cod

This was posted on the "If You Grew Up On Cape Cod you remember..." group.
I woke up at 3am and couldn't fall back to sleep, my mind wouldn't let go of our homeless people. While drinking my hot coffee in my warm house i decided to use this social media for help. PLEASE if you have any clean unwanted blankets, coats hats,mittens etc my husband and I will be heading out to hand deliver these to the Hyannis area. I know there are other areas but this is where we are starting. Lets not talk about this horrible situation and start acting on it. My brother in law Tom Giardino has gladly given permission to use his Family's restaurant as the designated drop off area. Please, even just one item will be graciously accepted and appreciated, so drop off these desperately needed items at Giardino's Family Restaurant Rte 28 West Yarmouth. Even if you can't donate you can re-post to help get the word out. It's cold out there.Thank you, now let's get going!!!!! Side note if you can't get there to drop them off me,my husband or sister Susan Giardino will be happy to come and get them just private message one of us.

Thank you.
So after knitting up items from Mom's yarn before Christmas and sending it to Delaware County Pennsylvania, Providence Rhode Island and Attleboro Massachusetts I was still doing the Knit & Walk routine. I needed another place to donate.

So yesterday took these items down to Giardino's restaurant. I hadn't been inside since the 60s. We used to get pizza there. They were busy and it smelled delicious.

Had a heck of a time with lighting and trying to photograph these. Bear with me- I know too many shots but hey it is cyberspace and lots of it!I ended up packing a cocoa packet with all but the 2 shawls.

Pink headband-neckwarmer

Beige shawl - shoulder warmer

Purple cowl

Pink cowl

Pale pink scarf

Purple shawl

multi-colored scarf

and the entire display was so small! fit into one plastic shopping bag.
oh well

and when I got back here there was a thank you letter in the mail from Hebron Food Pantry in Attleboro where I sent knits before Christmas.

The restaurant where the goods were dropped off. Hasn't changed much over the years.

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