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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Knit & Walk projects for 2015

My cousin Paula sent me some circular needles she no longer uses. One of them was size #1 needles- not sure I am up to that tediousness but will give those a try later.

Purple wool hat I am knitting in the round on the #6s that Paula sent. Very tedious.It started out as a 96 stitches cast on for a K2 P2 pattern throughout the hat. I did one row of that repeat and knew I could not do that change of stitches for 10 inches of knitting yikes.So I switched to K4 P4. That was still too tedious LOL. So I decided I was not going to tear out all that work- I would just decrease every 19 stitches, 18 stitches etc until I got to multiple of 15 stitches marked off. To decrease I P2 together. It will take a while to knit but will be a sturdy hat with an unusual brim!

This white soft lunch sack hat is one I am knitting for my AC Moore project where the yarn is cheap ( not really cheap though) 72 stitches ( divided into sets of 18) knit in the round on #8 16 inch circular bamboo needles.
So soft!


Then I had been working on a all wool cowl in a darker blue. Using my shiny needles I think they are #11 22 or 24 inches. 65 stitches knit in the round. I am keeping this myself as it may be itchy and may shrink.


Then the old leg warmers. It took 2 of those AC Moore hat donations for me to figure out the pattern for these. I have wanted to do my own leg warmers for a long time. I bought cheap Red Heart yarn for I think 2.98 a skein. I am working on both legs at the same time on separate needles. 72 stitches on size #7 16 inch needles. The multi colored yarn is knitting into a neat pattern that I did not expect. No photo of that yet.

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